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Badapple Theatre turns 21

In this, our 21st year of national theatre touring we thought it would be fun to put a timeline together of all the Badapple shows written for us by Kate Bramley (pictured left).  Enjoy!

2019 The Snow Dancer

Again supported by the Arts Council this original Christmas eco-fable ‘a modern fairy tale with a furry tale’ was a huge hit with audiences of all ages this winter and we’re delighted it will return in December 2020 to kick us off on the next 21 years!

2019 The Frozen Roman

2019 was a stupendous year for us with Arts Council grants for two tours of The Frozen Roman, the original comedy that looked at a group of hapless villagers trying to save the local pub from demolition to make way for new houses. Refugees and migration since Roman times were the backdrop and this is a show we are immensley proud of. Design by Catherine Dawn and songs by Jez Lowe and two stellar casts.

2018 Amy Johnson

To mark the 20th Anniversary of our launch at the Edinburgh Festival Kate Bramley was commissioned to re-write our very first show. And our plane set was kindly loaned back to us from the Dumfries and Galloway Air Museum where it now resides.

In this new tale the WAAF girls of the Dover HQ cross paths with the famous Amy Johnson.

Costume by Catherine Dawn, songs by Jez Lowe.

2018 was a turbulent year for us as we lost funding support but the day was saved in a big way by our amazing Badapple Friends and private donors.

the story moves back and forth, taking in her early days, her flight to Australia, the mystery end…” – YORK PRESS

2017 Salsa Verde

It is the build up to the party of the century as the inhabitants of the village look forward to the end of the 90’s and the turn of the Millenium. A salsa-spectacular was needed for this tour and Badapple took it’s first foray into theatre-dance fusion with the expert choreography and dance tuition of Laucinda Roberts of Ecuentro Latino. Design by Catherine Dawn, original songs by Jez Lowe.

“Bramley crafts an elegiac drama that is both witty and wistful, humorous and haunting, assisted by Jez Lowe’s typically adroit songwriting.” – YORK PRESS

2016 The Last Station Keeper

The old station house is under threat as a high speed rail link looms on the horizon but some spooky goings on spark off a series of stupendously comic events.

the 21st century’s need for speed hits the old ways head on in Bramley’s tale of the perils of modern life” – YORK PRESS

2016-2017 – The Elves and the Carpenter

The third of our family festive frolics when Santa’s elves don’t get back from their summer holidays on time and Mrs. Claus has to save the day. Songs by Jez Lowe, design by Catherine Dawn.

“magical mixture of theatre, clowning, music, puppetry and animation” – YORK PRESS

Badapple…..takes theatre into the heart of local communities” – YORKSHIRE POST

2015 The Unlikely Dads

A daft and down to earth comedy about the lads who become Dad’s later in life. Design by Catherine Dawn and starring Robert Took and Robert Angell.

“Bramley writes with typical economy, astute cultural observation, generous humanity and great comic awareness.” – YORK PRESS

2014-2016 The Daily Bread

The second of our ‘No Hall Too Small’ tours was this incredible physical theatre and live-baking mash-up starring the amazing Colin Moncrieff and co-directed by Paul Smith. Design by Catherine Dawn.

a night of Machiavellian subterfuge, comedy, multiple role-playing, clowning, the aforementioned live baking, banking, and a little bit of politics” – YORK PRESS

2014 – 2019 The Thankful Village

Our first collaboration with young designer Catherine Dawn who’s striking and creative designs have become such a huge part of Badapple’s success. This show comissioned for the WW1 centenery was both comic and poignant following the lives of three women waiting out the Great War in what was to become one of only a handful of villages, where no men were lost to the conflict. In partnership with Big Lottery and Arts Council England this toured nationally four times to huge acclaim and to many actual Thankful Villages. Songs by Jez Lowe that were featured in BBC Radio 2’s The Radio Ballads and the world premiere tour was co-directed by the wonderful Paul Smith (Middle Child/ Hull Truck).

“…emotional clout and poignant final twist, making you thankful for the under-appreciated Great War service of women as much as the men whose story is familiar from history books and the War Poets alike.” – YORK PRESS

2013 – 2015 The Mice who ate Christmas

Another heartwarming Christmas extravaganza based on the legend surrounding the writing one of the most famous modern carols, Silent Night, told by the mice who were instrumental in the tale. Songs by Jez Lowe, design by Charlie Cridlan and later re-designed for touring by Catherine Dawn (left) and co-directed by Paul Smith.

Badapple Theatre triumphs in a tour that takes the magic of theatre to remote venues” – THE STAGE

2013 – The Carlton Colliers

The first of a suite of magic realism plays set in a fictional North Yorkshire group of villages. In this strikingly original comedy the local amateur football team are saved from an eternal losing streak by a stroke of allotment magic. Songs by Jez Lowe, design by Charlie Cridlan.

“as one road ends, new paths begin (and there is) nuggety northern humour delivered in typically enjoyable performances as the tour of Bramley’s hymn to village life ticks on.” – YORK PRESS

2013 Lights out land girls

The Land Girls sequel that saw our intrepid heroines Buff and Biddy take a long journey to Blackpool in search of stardom. Songs by Jez Lowe, design by Charlie Cridlan.

“fizzes with life, energy and humour…the storytelling and direction is constantly inventive…Keep calm, there are shows aplenty but you must see it.” – YORK PRESS

2012-2017 – Eddie and the Gold Tops

Arguably the most loved and longest touring show of ours to date. A 1960’s milkman from rural Yorkshire gets catapulted to pop stardom in this 1960’s classic from Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley with award winning design from Charlie Cridlan.

The original cast featured Jonny Macpherson (now of Doctors and Emmerdale fame) but there have been two other brilliant Eddie’s as well in Aiden Lee Brooks and Jack Alexander.

catchy songs, extremely funny” – THE STAGE

2010 – 2015 Farmer Scrooge’s Yorkshire Christmas Carol

The very first of our original family Christmas shows for audiences of all ages, based on the Charles Dickens classic with songs by Jez Lowe and starring Robert Angell (BBC ‘Waterloo Road’, Hull Truck, John Godber Company). Featuring puppets by Sam Edwards.

This production had everything, songs, humour throughout, and was extremely touching” – MALTON GAZETTE & HERALD


2009 – 2011 Back to the Land Girls

Inspired by a series of interviews with ex-Land Army Girls from Yorkshire and beyond including Badapple friend and supporter the late Mrs. Biddy Cust.  70 performances nationally across our halls network and rural tour partners Highlights, Shindig, Centre Stage and North Lincs Rural Touring. Songs by Jez Lowe with Abi Uttley and Sam Edwards, pictured.

everyone left happy – uplifted by a great evening’s entertainment. Full marks all round.” – HELLO YORKSHIRE
“if you get chance to see this show do, for it is an engaging and uplifting experience” –

2008 – 2009 Laurel and Charlie

The little-known period in history when Stan Laurel was Charlie Chaplain’s understudy was the backdrop to this comedy and saw our first collaboration with professional clown and actor Colin Moncrieff, with sketches by Jason Hird of Leikin Loppu and songs by Jez Lowe.


2007 (& 2011) An Honorary Yorkshireman (The James Herriot Story)

By kind permission of Alf Wight, supported by Theakston’s Brewery. The life and stories of James Herriot.

2003 Still Marilyn

Based on the life of Marilyn Monroe through the eyes of her photographers. Toured in partnership with York Theatre Royal and Bath Theatre Royal, funded by Arts Council England, York City Council and Hull City Council.

2002 Fighting the Tide

This was our very first collaboration with Jez Lowe that took the company back to it’s Northern roots with an original comic play inspired by trawling tales of the East Coast. Co-produced by Trinity, Tunbridge Wells and performed at Hull Truck Theatre as well as a national tour.

1999 – 2000 Marlowe Meet Raymond Chandler

Another biography inspired drama that blended the life and novels of the great American detective novelist

1998 – 1999 Amy Johnson

Tall tales of the Hull aviatrix, the first woman to fly solo to Australia. With a replica bi-plane set designed by Andy Newell and John Bramley.

As I left the theatre I felt ashamed that I had not known more about this record breaking Hull export, and Bramley’s respect for her subject was infectious” – HULL DAILY MAIL