Host a show

We are always on the lookout for new halls, theatres or other community spaces who would like to join our Theatre On Your Doorstep Project.

We have a passion for taking a full theatre experience to some of the smallest and sometimes most remote venues in the country. But we really couldn’t do it without the help of organisers locally who help raise a crowd!

We provide set, stage, lights, sound and our always superlative performers, as well as flyers, posters, tickets and other media support.

So if you feel you’d like to get involved with bringing theatre to your community the please contact our administrator Claire Jeffrey on 01423 339168 or CONTACT US for more information.

ELEPHANT ROCK Now booking for September- October 2020!
A new comedy by Kate Bramley with songs and music by Jez Lowe

From the great age of the steamers and through the heyday of the British seaside resorts the grand dance hall has stood proudly on the pier front attended by the greatest of all attractions, The Mechanical Elephant.

But now the holidaymakers have left for good, like the old Elephant Rock that gave the headland its name. And with the tides gnawing away at the coast all around, short of a miracle or two it’ll be curtains for certain for the old place but that doesn’t stop Nellie’s girls putting up a good fight.

Come and join us for a good chuckle and a song or two as we trace the twists and turns of the tall tales of generations of carnival women who kept the Elephant Rock dance hall doors open through hell and high water….

Now booking for December 2020-January 2021!

A new family eco-fable from Kate Bramley with songs by Jez Lowe

Something is awry in The Great Wood and the animals are desperate for a long sleep. But with the onset of global warming it is just too warm. Everyone is going around in circles and sick of nuts before Christmas is even in sight!
Something must be done. Our two fluffy heroes- and their  teenage humans- decide they must seek out the mysterious Snow Dancer and find out how to put things right.
Come join us for a wondrous wander in the winter woods, for a fairy tale with a furry tail, and plenty of laughs and songs along the way, in an original festive theatre show guaranteed to delight the whole family. (Best suited to age 5+)

Eddie and the Gold Tops
Now booking for Spring 2021!

A comedy by Kate Bramley with songs and music by Jez Lowe

This hilarious comedy drama will transport you back to the fashion, music and teenage optimism of the 1960s thanks to ‘our Eddie’, a much loved milkman from a family of great Italian milkmen. In the frenzy of 1963 music fever, Eddie becomes a Beat group star, quite by accident.  He inherited the family milk round from his father, and has fulfilled his deathbed promise to never miss a delivery for the good people of the village. But suddenly his songs are heading up the charts and if he can get there by tonight he’ll be on Top of The Pops….. So, get ready, Eddie, go! You’re heading for the high life, with the fabulous Gold Tops behind you every step of the way! But when things take a churn for the worse, how will he get back for the morning milk?