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  • Have just loved seeing so many of your productions and performances over the past 5 years at our local village hall. Just amazing insights into all that is Great about Britain, the characters, eras and scripts giving a heart warming insight, and escapism in its purest form. Have loved the characters, actors and songs- especially the minimal sets in the Land girls which was the first production of Bad Apple I stumbled upon. Very disheartened not to be seeing the Thankful Village locally but am venturing further afield to see it nonetheless. Keep it up so worth seeing and feeling a part of despite the distance between us!!! xxx

  • You were absolutely amazing. We (being my 8 & 12 yo’s) at Fewston. One’s getting to the age that she’s too ‘old’ for traditional panto & the other’s at that in between age. You hit the nail on the head. You were magical. (apologies for the lateness in reviewing!)

  • What a super performance in the little Stillingfleet Institute last night. What magic was worked on stage by your two very talented ladies, so funny, moving and wonderful. Far beyond my expectations for the evening and have been telling everyone today about your outstanding show. Well done, hope to see you again in our area again soon.

  • The thankful village.
    How could only 3 people keep an audience so enthralled?
    Laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed!

  • We found ‘The Thankful Village’ performance at the Ropsley village hall last night quite spellbinding,very thought provoking and moving. Jez Lowe’s CD will be a wonderful reminder of the sheer talent we have seen.

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