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  • A brilliant performance at Pershore last night,the company sang and acted their socks off! Poignant, funny and Jez Lowes wonderful songs, what more could you want. Will look out for more! Thank you.

  • One of the best plays to come to our Village Hall. The actors were exceptional, transporting us from one place to another and back. The songs, the humour and the poignancy were a credit to the whole team.

  • The Thankful Village (at Hockwold) was brilliant! It was so, so emotionally charged, funny and desperately sad – like Blackadder Goes Forth – its humour didn’t take away the seriousness, the sacrifices of the war, but highlighted the desperation together with the fortitude of those both at the front and those left behind. Superb. Thank you.

  • My introduction to Badapple Theatre was at Catwick last night to watch a sell out performance of Thankful Village. What a delight and a privilege to have been there! Well acted, well produced and full of humour and emotion. As Catwick is one of the few doubly thankful villages (all village men who fought in WWI and WWII survived) it was particularly memorable. Keep on trucking and hope it will not be too long before you have the funds for the new van.

  • Saw The Thankful Village in Haxby. A brilliant production, thoroughly enjoyable and poignant.

    Do Badapple ever do a poor production? I don’t think so!

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