We now have a  new Badapple Supporters Scheme. At this time we find ourselves looking ahead to the tour of another original play from Kate Bramley  ‘Eddie and The Gold Tops’.Autumn sees plans for another new comedy ‘Salsa Verde’ closely followed by the much loved ‘The Elves and The Carpenter’ for December 2017.

We are already working on a dynamic programme for the 2018 season as well that marks our twenty year anniversary of professional touring.

Any of you who have followed the company over the last decade will know that we have a passion and dedication for touring to the smallest of rural venues as far afield as Devon and Aberdeen, and we have been fortunate in recent years to secure Arts Council project funding that generally enables us to tour a greater number of actors and a full set.

However we have no core funding from any source to keep the day to day overheads from mounting up and to this end we are hoping some of you might come on board to support us and consider making a contribution to our work. We are a not for profit group and none of the directors are paid dividends from the company (if only!), only fairly compensated for any project work we undertake, so you can rest assured every penny of your supporters contribution will go towards producing more quality theatre for rural audiences.

You can contribute online at or by sending a cheque to:
Badapple Theatre, PO Box 57, York, YO26 8WQ.

For our 2017 Friends Supporters, if you can, contribute £50 a year and we will reciprocate with discounted tickets for you when you book for any performance, for you to receive 20% off your seats.

For our 2017 Season Supporters, if you feel you might be able to make a larger investment in the growth of the company, £250 is our suggestion and we will of course welcome you as our guests at any performance as well as at any company fundraisers or events.